What is Team Safariland?

Team Safariland was started in 1985 and is an integral part of our product development process. Team members have combined competition and LE-trained experience and regularly field-test materials and products for Safariland?. Their involvement helps keep us at the very forefront of cutting-edge design.

Who is Team Safariland?

Tom Campbell


Tom has been a member of Team Safariland since 1985 and has worked with Safariland for over 22 years. Prior to that, Tom was part of the Research and Development team at Smith and Wesson and he has worked in the law enforcement industry for 46 years. Tom believes in having a strong basic foundation for shooting and sticking to your guns, quite literally.


Member and manager of Team Safariland's professional shooting team since its inception in 1985. He is currently VP of Equipment Category for Safariland, Bianchi and Patrol Bikes. Scott has been with Safariland for more than 35 years, many of those in Research and Development. Scott is very involved with training and product testing in the field alongside Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military Special Ops, competition shooters and civilian end users. Scott currently is a member of the NRA World Action Pistol team and holds three National Class Titles in addition to being a Board member of the CPOA/BLEA California Peace Officers Association, Business Law Enforcement Alliance.
Scott Carnahan

Doug Koenig


Doug has been one of the more eclectic shooters on the professional circuit. From his arrival in 1987, Doug has entered and won national and world championships in practical shooting, action shooting, all-around competitions, rifle events and steel shooting. Over the past 15 years, Doug has won more major championships than any other shooter in the world thus earning the title of "The World's best All-Around Shooter."


Kippi has been competing in the shooting sports since she graduated from college in 1987. She has acquired four USPSA National Championship titles, and silver and bronze medals at the IPSC World Shoots of the early 90's. Recently, she has won several women's production championship titles within USPSA Areas 2 and 3. In 2011, she was selected as a member of USPSA's Women's Production Team to represent the United States in Greece. Kippi and fellow Team Safariland Members Julie Golob and Maggie Reese took the silver team medal at that prestigious event.
Kippi Leatham

Rob Leatham


Rob is inarguably one of the most winning pistol shooters ever. As a child, he would play "hooky" from church to go to matches on Sundays at the Cactus Combat Match League in Arizona where he grew up. Rob first fired the Steel Challenge and the Bianchi Cup in 1982. Rob has won the USPSA Nationals, Bianchi Cup, and Steel Challenge numerous times in his shooting career.


As one of the most well rounded competitive shooters, Bobby is not only an asset on the range, but he is a talented addition in the Safariland Research and Development lab too! Bobby is a member of the Safariland Duty Gear Research and Development team and currently works in the technical and design development of the Safariland Duty Gear category.


John is a retired Los Angeles Police Detective after 23 years of service. Competing in all types of shooting competitions and spending years cultivating new training techniques for officers, John believes that he coaches those who serve to protect to prepare for the possibility of life and death confrontations employing deadly force. He worked as a Forensic Firearms Expert as well as a Bomb Technician with the Bomb Squad.


Maggie has developed a strong reputation for herself in the gun community by appearing on such television shows as the History Channel's "Top Shot", "3-Gun Nation" on Versus, and "Shooting USA" on the Outdoor Channel. She has earned multiple regional and national titles and is recognized as one of 3-Gun's dominant ladies in Open Division. The highlight of Maggie's 2011 shooting season was competing alongside Team Safariland members Julie Golob and Kippi Leatham as part of the Ladies Production Team at the IPSC World Shoot held in Greece.

Kenda Lenseigne


Kenda Lenseigne is an Overall World Champion, Overall National Champion, four-time World Point Champion Cowgirl and holder of six World Records. She is one of Cowboy Mounted Shooting's most renowned competitors across the nation. In 2009, Kenda became the first woman in CMSA history to win the Overall at a World Championship, beating all of the men and women to claim this prestigious title. She brings 13 years of competitive mounted shooting experience to the Safariland Team and Bianchi Cowboy name.


Bill has been a member of Team Safariland since its start in 1985 and has won numerous state, national and international shooting titles over the years. Bill is a former FBI agent and police instructor. He is the inventor of the first "Kydex" holster and the first "Security Holster". Bill also owns and operates Rogers Shooting School, a test ground for many Safariland products.


What began as a father and daughter weekend hobby quickly turned in to an accomplished shooting career for this young woman. Julie is one of Team Safariland's most talented shooters. Prior to her recruit to the team, Julie was recognized early on and enrolled by the Army Action Shooting Team in 1995, where she served for eight years.


Robert is a World and National Champion across 3 shooting disciplines and is the only Law Enforcement Officer of any kind to have achieved much of what he has. Since firing his first competition in 2001 while in the police academy he has never looked back. Having worked as a full time police officer and SWAT team member as well as an elite level competitive shooter has given Robert a unique insight into the shooting world.
Mike Voigt

Mike Voigt


Michael was President of USPSA for 12 years and has recently returned to fully devote his time and talents to advancing the firearms industry and training elite military and law enforcement units. He has won numerous world and national titles in handgun, shotgun, rifle and multigun competitions in his 20+ years with Safariland. Competition and instruction has taken him to 45 states and 25 countries - so far.
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